INSTAGRAM STORIES: The next chapter in reaching out to the world

The cyber-fever that is Instagram has been one of the fastest rising global phenomenons on the Internet. It took just two months for it to reach 1 million users and only a year for that number to increase to 10 million. In April 2012, when Instagram had 30 million users, Facebook bought it and, since then, its rise has been unstoppable and almost unparalleled. It’s not only at the very top in terms of user amount, but its users are incredibly active. Today, the photo-sharing platform has more than 500 million monthly active users. Over 60% of them log in every day and over 90% of them are younger than 35. But Instagram is not popular with just average users, it’s also the primary means of communication for brands as well. For example, more than 96% of all USA fashion brands have an Instagram account and use it regularly.

With these staggering statistics of its own and with the rising popularity of Snapchat, the obvious next step for Instagram was to introduce a brand new feature – Instagram Stories. We won’t go into much detail as to what stories are and how they work, because practically every tech-oriented website has already covered that and most of you have either used it yourself, or you’ve seen others use it.

What we would like to talk about is the importance of Instagram Stories in your own promotion or the promotion of your brand. Although buying shoutouts through regular Instagram posts is still the primary method of working to build up your page and gaining followers and exposure, Instagram Stories offer something entirely new for you. As you well know, Facebook introduced the same changes to Instagram’s feed as they have made to their main social network. That means – no more posts in the chronological order. Despite the fact that the majority of its users dislike this and don’t want Facebook’s/Instagram’s algorithms deciding what a particular user finds interesting or wants to see on his or hers feed, Facebook still insists this change is good. For those of you who don’t agree, and there are many of you, Instagram Stories is a great new feature to consider if you want your post to surely reach a certain audience. Sure, it’s not a traditional post where you can tag someone and you can see how many people liked your photo, but it has an option to write your username on a photo or video and anything else you would like. And as for follower engagement, you simply need to check how many likes do posts on that page get on average, and that will be a good indicator of how many views their story will get as well. To those of you who don’t like changes, consider this: the world we live in is fast and people like to watch things that are only going to be there for that day. That fact explains the entire Snapchat’s popularity and it’s the reason why Instagram introduced stories to its platform as well.

So don’t hesitate to think about your promotion through Instagram Stories, not just through traditional posts. More and more big accounts will start to offer that too.



Do you like this new Instagram feature? What do you think about using Instagram Stories for promotion purposes? Tell us in the comments.


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