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Kate Moss was discovered at the airport, Adriana Lima while shopping at the local mall, Gisele Bündchen while eating in McDonald’s and Coco Rocha in an Irish dance competition. But nowadays, young aspiring models don’t, and shouldn’t have to rely on a remote possibility that someone important working for a famous model agency just happens to be at the same place at the same time as they are and pay attention to his or hers surroundings. 2015 is a year deep inside the digital media era and, more importantly, in an era of social networking. Basically, just about anyone young and attractive these days already has an Instagram account. But, what they usually don’t have (at least not big enough to jump-start a career), is a fanbase.

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Fanbase is a necessary element for Instagram model (even more important than your natural good looks) if you wanna get noticed and start a successful modelling career. But the question in your mind is: how do I get that fanbase?

Well, the answer is – it’s all about your personal brand. Instagram is not only a photo-sharing platform, it’s a social network and social means that you need to connect with your fans on a personal level. This does not mean sharing every bit of your personal life with them, but it does mean sharing some things about yourself. You can be pretty or handsome, but people won’t connect with you fully if you don’t share your thoughts, feelings and bits of your everyday life with them. In short, share what makes you – you. Post happy photos of yourself having a good time. Laugh, smile, enjoy yourself and let others see that. Not only will you have fun doing it, but your followers will be able to relate with you more. Don’t make every one of your posts about looking perfect. Feel free to show a more natural, relaxed side of yourself because this too is a way to connect with people more. Also, have your loved ones take photos of you sometimes. Selfies are great and we all love them, but not every photo has to be one and not every photo should be posed. Speaking of loved ones, why not share some family fun? Whether you’re on a vacation with your friends and family, or just having a good time at home, it’s a good idea to show your fans the people you spend your days with. But don’t crowd your profile with photos of the people around you, because after all, they wanna see photos of you. If you have pets, take photos with them too! It shows that you have a sensitive side to yourself and that you care about animals as well. At last, the most important part of your Instagram page – your professional work. The main reason why your fans love you and are interested in your life is your work, what you do that inspires people and makes them look up to you. Post professional work on a regular basis, but also post photos while you’re being prepped for work, if you have permission to do that. People are always interested to see how things are done from the background perspective, because they rarely get to see anything besides the professional photos after everything is done. Let them in on that process, take photos of it, and not just of yourself.


A great way to make sure a company or an agency books you again, is to use your audience to promote their brand. Mention them on your photos using tags (@) and hashtags (#). You can do that with modelling agencies, but also with other types of businesses. For example, you can land all kinds of contracts with businesses that deal in fashion, accessories, fitness or health products, since they too are eager to promote their brands and what better way to promote themselves than the promotion that comes from a recognized model saying their product is awesome?


These are just some of the useful tips for aspiring models on Instagram. We discuss and explain each of these points in more detail in our book about Instagram. Whether you’re a model, a fashionista, a fitness aficionado or something else, you can benefit from these guidelines if you’re serious about making money on Instagram from your own personal brand.


This is just a portion of the knowledge we have and want to share with you, and if you want to read more of what we have to say be sure to check out our book with every fact you might need on your way to the top –


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