Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Lots of websites sell followers for half the price of one feature on your page. Why is this?
A: We sell features on pages that have real and active followers. The followers you would get from those pages are REAL people with REAL instagram accounts not bots that serve just as a numbers boost.

Q:How long after I pay do I receive my feature?
A: Usualy, You will receive a feature from the page You selected within 96 hours of the transaction. Some pages may have more orders in queue than others, so be patient.

Q: My friend also bought a feature and he/she got twice as many followers as I did! Why?
A: There are numerous variables at play when featuring a profile – things like demographics, duration of the feature, time of the day You were featured, time of week and mosti mportantly quality of Your submission/content that you submited for the feature. Explore pages and their content before deciding what picture to send for the feature.

Q: My instagram feature was not approved. Why?
A: Either the content You wanted featured was not related to the page topic or the page administrator did not feel your content was a right fit for their instagram page.

Q: Do you have refund?
A:  Refunds for features are available in the grace period of 30 days after purchase. Permanent post refund is available in maximum period of 90 days after purchase.